Back to School

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Install Fest. While teaching my DNS and E-Mail class we installed CentOS-7 side by side in the Lab-1 computers. This OS will be used as non FQDN and E-Mail server by the students. We’re very close to provide a fully virtualized solution with high availability, maybe next month.

Deployed RB3011UiAS-RM

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I just deployed this router (RB3011) as a backup to our CCR1036, configured all its VLANs, SSL certificates, VPNs, NTP server, RADIUS client, routes and other services. It could handle our current network traffic very well on our tests. Something arround:

  • 50+ Firewall Rules;
  • 150+ PPPoE tunnel connections;
  • 80Mib/s+ network usage;
  • 30%- CPU usage;